Hello world,
my name is Zoë Tomruk.
I am a dance and drama therapist, based in Berlin.
Improvisation... my spiritual, educational, scientific and artistic way of life.
Dementia... my recent research field.
Brain & Heart in learning and teaching... my passion.
Somatic & Politic connection ... my vision.
I perform with Migrating Birds - Zugvögel Ensemble https://zugvoegel.impro-tomruk.de/
and Legislative Theater Berlin https://www.legislatives-theater.de/
I teach at exploratorium, space for improvisation in Berlin https://exploratorium-berlin.de/
and at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt https://www.thws.de/en/
This website is unter construction.
If you want to get in touch:
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there." Rumi